Spain is a nation known to have the most party-loving inhabitants in all of Europe; their zest for life and love of their culture and history is well documented. Even though Christmas is over, all across Spain there are numerous festivals or fiestas happening each and every month and January is no exception. Along with the three kings, there is the Tamborrada in San Sebastian and the Fiestas de San Anton.

The Tamborrada is one of the loudest festivals in Spain, held in San Sebastian on the 19th and 20th of January each year and is one of the most anticipated fiestas held in the Basque country during the year.

The festival of San Anton is a celebration in honour of San Anton, the Patron Saint and protector of animals and held closest to the 17th January each year and is more widely celebrated usually with traditional bonfires, fireworks and small street processions.

I hope you have been enjoying the array of new year dramas that have already been on offer and continuing. This week our featured programmes include health and wellbeing, a new cooking competition, Wild Animal Rescue, jewellery, the Royal family, Ed Balls in Euroland and British inventions.

There is new drama starting this week on Paramount Network on Monday with Kevin Costner in Yellowstone.

Also Avenue 5 is a new series on SKY One on Wednesday starring Hugh Laurie.

And if it´s your thing on a lighter note, Ibiza Weekender returns to ITV2 on Sunday. It’s the start of another season on the party island of Ibiza with the holidaymakers making ready for a summer of fun.


Editor´s pick of the week

EASY WAYS TO LIVE WELL on bbc one on Wednesday at 9pm

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Steph McGovern, assisted by GP, Dr Zoe Williams, sift through the latest scientific research to find smart ways of tackling the nation’s biggest health concerns.

Armed with Dr Zoe’s advice, Hugh and Steph help families and communities take on everything from stress to non-stop snacking, gut health to screen time, following their progress as they put different solutions to the test to find out which work best.

In their personal search for a healthier life, Hugh and Steph also test out some of the more unusual or extreme health tips for themselves, tackling their own health concerns, from Hugh's stress to Steph's sensitive stomach, as well as calling out others that are simply nonsense.

Easy Ways To Live Well is on for three weeks and aims to reveals ‘simple and surprising ideas that we can use in everyday life to dramatically improve our diet, our fitness and our health’.

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