As farmers in Spain have been protesting over fear that subsidies from the European Union will be cut at a time when their revenues have fallen due to the economic crisis, did you know?... Tomatoes, potatoes, avocados, tobacco and cacao were all brought to Europe (then spread around the world) by the Spaniards from their American colonies. All these words were imported from Spanish language into English, which explains why they end in "-o".


The new dramas keep on coming and one highlight this week is the final series of Homeland on Sunday on Channel4 – not to be missed if you are a fan.


Controversially it’s the Grand Final of The Masked Singer on Saturday on ITV and TV’s biggest musical mystery is about to be solved. The final three masked singers compete to be crowned the ultimate champion. Who will walk away with the trophy?


A new quiz series starts on Wednesday on More4 with two separate episodes. Jon Snow hosts the brand new quiz show where the brightest quiz teams from across the UK go head-to-head as they face the toughest quiz questions on television, on any topic, from science and nature to sport, world history and pop culture.


The BAFTA-winning series is back as the First Dates restaurant reopens its doors to a brand new crop of hopeful singletons looking to find love on a real blind date on Thursday on Channel4.


Then on Friday on Channel4, Britain's sharpest armchair critics return for a new series of Gogglebox.


The BRIT Awards 2020 is on ITV on Tuesday. Comedian Jack Whitehall hosts the 40th edition of the biggest night on the British music calendar and you can read more in our special feature in the magazine this week.


Intelligence is a GCHQ workplace comedy starring David Schwimmer which premieres on Sky One on FRIDAY at 10pm with a double bill.


There are interesting documentaries featured this week with Inside Extinction Rebellion: Martyrs or Maniacs on Channel5 on Sunday; Confronting Holocaust Denial with David Baddiel on BBC TWO and Prison on Channel4, both on Monday and Royal History's Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley on BBC FOUR on Tuesday.

Other programmes featured are Harry Redknapp's Sandbanks Summer and Cilla: The Lost Tapes on ITV on Wednesday and The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard on Channel5 on Friday.




Eds pick of the week

Bumps on bbc one on Friday at 10.30pm

Bumps is a new Comedy Playhouse for BBC one written by Lucy Montgomery and Rhys Thomas.

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