Home and Away

Taking a break and will return in the New Year



Monday 17

Piper is determined to discover Leo’s secret, but he catches her digging in his computer. After Amy gets a call about materials missing from the building site at Robinson Heights, Gary is horrified to find that he has been paid by Kev for delivering the stolen goods. Yashvi’s year 12 exam results are not good enough to get her into university.

Tuesday 18

Leo is forced to come clean. Delaney Renshaw, a member of a notorious crime family, has informed him that her father and uncle are soon to be released from prison, but do they know that it was Leo who grassed on them? Elly catches Paul and Jane in flagrante in a school classroom. Gary tells Kev that he wants out, but matters are not so simple.

Wednesday 19

Gary sees a chance to extricate himself, but has some explaining to do when Amy finds him at the building site after dark. Embarrassed by her behaviour, Jane mends fences with Susan and clarifies matters with Paul. Toadie finds that Sonya’s Christmas presents have gone missing and have been replaced by gifts from Alice addressed to Andrea.

Thursday 20

Sheila comes home unexpectedly from New Zealand, to find Gary in the process of destroying vital evidence. Forced to admit what he has done, he begs her not to tell Amy, but will she agree? Mark and Elly are concerned about Chloe’s increasingly erratic behaviour. Toadie discovers that Alice and Andrea were in contact.

Friday 21

The community is saddened by the death of Valerie Grundy, a shy and reclusive old lady who lived in Ramsay Street for 34 years. Delaney Renshaw arrives in town and gets straight down to business, propositioning Leo but also threatening to tell her father that he was the informant. Chloe decides to be honest and writes Elly a long letter.


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